Becca takes great pride in matching horses and riders and establishing the foundation for a lasting relationship. Providing purchasing agent services to happy clients.
From the moment the idea pops into your head, to getting the horse into the barn, Becca is dedicated and determined to find the perfect unicorn for you or your child.

Full Service Equine Purchasing Agent

– Assistance in setting appointments for appropriate horses. Vetting of background, vet records, videos, show records and personality.
– Professional ride and analysis of horse for suitability for client
– Coaching during test ride
– Assistance of price negotiations
– Support for Pre-Purchase Exam. Physically present if possible.
– Closing of deal and transfer of ownership
– Transportation if needed or arranged


Happy Clients:

Finley and Shanti, November 2017
Always a smile on both their faces! They are ready to event in 2018!
fin and shanti

Rose and Razz, June 2017
Unstoppable team with big goals!!!

rose and razz.jpg

Campbell and Rosie, July 2017
Watch out world, these two are a match made in heaven
campbell and rosie

Lily and Santos, April 2016
These two are the best friends a girl and a giant pony can be. True Love

lily and santos.jpg