Bernie Traurig Clinic This Weekend

Hi Everyone!

I am not quite ready to wrap up my Florida trip…. however I am very happy to remind everyone that I am hosting a Bernie Traurig Clinic this weekend at Triple Creek Ranch in Longmont Colorado!

Bernie in my experience is an incredibly level headed voice in the horse industry. He advocates for correct riding, for horses who are both broke and athletes, and for a deep understanding of horsemanship.

If I can find the time I will be doing a write up about the clinic and make sure everyone has the opportunity to learn from me riding with him and watching his three days of instruction!

Cannot wait!



AUDITORS- $35/day $50/weekend
I would appreciate preregistration, so I know who will be attending. You also can RSVP for lunches. This check or cash goes to Becca Caulfield.
UPON ARRIVAL PLEASE COME TO THE CHECK IN TABLE by the lounge in the indoor arena. Nicole Cotton will be the registration person. If she is not at the table, please see her at the arena as jump crew or myself. Payment for auditing, stabling and food will be due at that time. 
Everybody needs a name tag which shows you have checked in with the organizers. 
If you have signed up for stabling it will be in the lesson Barn (not the indoor) and I will have names on the stall doors for your use. Please bring your own water buckets and bucket hangers for your horse(s). 
8:00- Open
9:00- Michelle G
10:00- Ashley D and Claire
11:15 Becca and Sharron
12:30- 1:00 LUNCH (not provided)
2:15- Maggie K
3:15 Eve W
4:15 Maya S
5:15 Lily S
8:00- 2’
10:00- 2’6
12:00- Lunch (available at the cafe RSVP)
1:00- 2’9
3:00- 3’0
5:00 Set course for following day (help appreciated)
7:00 Dinner and Presentation at Lynn’s
7:30- 2’
9:20- 3’
11:10-11:40 Lunch (available at the cafe RSVP)
11:40- 2’9
1:30- 2’6

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