Hi everyone,

A VERY brief update from sunny Ocala Florida. I am here for the weekend spending time with my friend Joe Meyer, and his lovely wife Ruthie. I am spending time taking a quick break from Colorado, doing some horse shopping and taking some lessons with Joe.

Today I rode 7 horses in 91* heat and although everyone says it is just lovely, I’m hot and tired. I had some really really good rides and some that I would like to erase from my memory but as always learned for each and every horse and jump. I’m having a wonderful time chatting with Joe and Ruthie, riding and spending time in Eventing Disneyland. I love Ocala, the pace is slower, everything is about the horse and there is so much learning to be had.

Looking forward to one more day of riding tomorrow, another lesson or two I believe… an excellent dinner tonight and more horses tomorrow. Looking forward to bringing so much knowledge back to my students this week. Headed back to cold Colorado on Monday morning!

Enjoy this photo of my lesson mount ” Fred” this morning. ☀️

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