Grid of the Week 10.1.2018

This week I put together a grid specifically for horses to work on maintaining their rhythm over different types of fences. Here is the diagram: 10.1.2018 grid


This grid is meant to be worked over both directions, with placement poles at 9 feet, a vertical, 18 feet to a fairly wide oxer and then another 18 feet, vertical and placement pole. I find this type of grid to be helpful with horses who do not regulate themselves over verticals or tend to get flat after oxers.

The mare you see in the below video is an incredible mare who likes to try to tell her rider how it should be done. This grid helped her to be more careful and not just eat up the distances. She is more suited to a bigger one stride, so she really has to be mindful over an 18 foot stride. At first she was knocking the verticals consistently on her way out of the grid with her front feet, showing that she was not being careful after the oxer. She eventually started to jump up more and rate herself. She was also landing more rideable and less on her forehand the more she thought about her jumping and the 18 feet.

You can see I eventually put up the middle oxer to just under 3′ and the verticals to 2’3 or so. She really ended quite well and feeling successful.

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